3 Quick And Simple Tips For Improving Web Design

A nice web design is one of the key factors to entice readers to visit the website. This is something I learned working for my father’s radiators and vertikal heizkörper business. It’s not a success if you have low conversion and high bounce and exit rates. As a web designer, you should have an idea about what colors, fonts and images to use to attract readers to visit and read on your website.

Here are 3 simple tips outlined by Graeme Winchester and these web design and marketing professionals you need to know to help improve your web design:

Deciding on the design

A successful web design is not just pleasing to the eyes, but it’s the key to get people to stay on your website longer and click to purchase before they leave. Making a web design should be simple yet functional and easy for your website visitors to navigate.

Tip # 1: Focus on the important elements

Susan Moore runs the websites for this dewatering business and this personal trainer manchester business and notes “If you’re website is too cluttered, chances are, websites visitors would immediate leave your website. Do not overload the website with images if you’re niche doesn’t actually need too much visual assets. It is better to highlight a compelling call to action than fill the website with a number of images that may be the reason why it will take up too much time to load. Limit your website content in the header and footer to narrow the focus.”

Tip # 2: Fix the navigation

If it’s possible, reduce the number of pages on your website. Readers have short attention span and they don’t like clicking a lot of pages just to finish certain website content. Peter Timmons runs the website for this botox milwaukee business online and this lawn turf business and says “Keep it simple. Make sure the website visitor can easily find your navigation pane to help them get to the pages they want to read on.” Also consider using a good translation service and incorporate flags into your design navigation to allow people from other countries to visit the appropriate version of your site.

Tip # 3: Color choice

A good web design features a great color palette that will help in readability and functionality of the website. Know how to limit your color scheme. Scott Bail runs a turkey gift website and recommends “You can use fewer colors than more at once, especially if you have doubts in the colors you’re planning to use. Yu don’t have to limit your creativity, but it’s always safe to use shades of the same color for the background and darker ones for header and menu items. If you need help in picking a color scheme, you may use color scheme generators online.”

Remember these tips when generating design ideas. Always bear in mind that feedback from real people via A/B testing and user testing can greatly help you enhance your web design.